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22 Mar 2017
Currency is very important in any games, you can use them to buy gears, players, etc. You will need more and more MT to play smoothly and enjoy the NBA 2K18 game, so you always feel your MT not enough. Today, let's summary of how to fast farm NBA 2K18 MT in the NBA 2K18. The key is choosing a reliable online store.

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01 Mar 2017
The NBA 2K18 game is getting near to its release date, NBA 2K players and enthusiasts are getting excited for this new game series. The game also released the new players who joined the game. More players will be playable within this series since the previous season's players are very active and outstanding.

So if you're fantasizing to build your team get the info and coins you need and get these players for your team and get the win and more NBA 2K18 MT.

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10 Jan 2017
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23 Aug 2016
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23 Aug 2016
A fan got a chance to sit down for a demo of the game last week and gained a bit of insight on how the changes actually affect gameplay. The 2K team walked me through a lot of technical work that they’ve put into enhancing both the technology and the user experience in the game.

To make the game more realistic, the team made sure you could no longer run or jump through an opposing player’s limbs, which was a complaint they heard repeatedly. This also means that the ball will actually ricochet off of a player’s arm or leg, making you fight for better position. The team worked on tweaking the physics of the game, allowing you to play more physically and fight for the ball like real players do.

The game also changes up shooting a bit,...